Seeing the world

By: Addie McBee
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Everyone loves traveling. Lying out on gorgeous beaches, walking down busy streets and surrounding yourself with new and beautiful cultures are just a few reasons people are drawn to traveling and exploring the world.

There are many different cities, countries and landmarks that offer amazing experiences unique to these locations. With new languages, foods and traditions that represent the culture of different communities, people can learn a lot about the world that they would not be able to just staying at home. We are all so lucky to have the opportunity to travel to these new places and learn about the world.

Now that it is summer vacation, many families are taking this opportunity to travel - both in the country and out. I have gotten to go to many different locations in California and other surrounding states to look at colleges and see cities that differ from our lives here in Folsom. I have many friends that are currently out traveling the world with their families to celebrate recently graduating high school. There are also many other high school students going on day trips to nearby locations with friends to get a quick break from their jobs or summer classes.

I have also seen people taking advantage of these traveling opportunities through school and church trips. Many people I know spent their spring break or beginning of their summer in Mexico with their church, volunteering building houses and working with kids, all while getting the full experience of this new culture. My high school also had many different trips at the beginning of this summer, from Washington D.C., to New York, and even many cities in Mexico, that I have seen many students benefit from.

Many colleges also have dozens of different study abroad programs for students to spend terms, semesters, summers and even full years studying in a different country while both continuing their education and being immersed in new cultures. Some majors are now even requiring these study abroad opportunities. I believe that this is a great idea because many people don’t know how other countries live and their customs that vary greatly from our lives here in Folsom and the United States as a whole, and people should experience these different cultures.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have these opportunities to travel in my life. Even though I am still young, I have gotten to see many places, cultures and traditions that many people may not experience, and I am grateful that in the future there are many ways for me to continue to travel to these different locations and learn more about the rest of the world.

Addie McBee is an intern with the Folsom Telegraph and can be reached at