Covering, supporting our prep gridirons

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While we are still in the middle of the month of July, it may seem like it’s early, but yes, it is time to start talking about high school football in our community.

At the Folsom Telegraph, we are already beginning production of our 2018 special publication called “Friday Night Lights,” as well as taking orders from the many businesses that choose to be a part of it each year. For the last two years, we produced this publication and, if you read the Telegraph or if you attended just about any local game in Folsom or El Dorado Hills, chances are you saw this fabulous publication.

At first glance, one may not look at the Folsom community and realize it has such a love for its prep pigskins just driving through town. However, if you look up the stats of our area teams, you will clearly see what we have in our community with one reigning state champion team in our region and two others that have been in hot pursuit, with numerous section titles of their own.

In small towns, this is often more apparent to the first-time observer that may not necessarily follow the sport. In many mid-western towns, it’s not uncommon to see coffee shops’ walls covered in news clippings from the local sports pages, signs in businesses’ windows with slogans like “Go Team,” and even billboards with players on them, yard signs saluting them in front of their homes and more. As the Folsom Bulldogs made their journey to the state title last year, these scenes started to become apparent here in the city.

In the coming weeks, the Telegraph will join our area teams on the field to capture the images and stories needed to produce another award-winning Friday Night Lights section. 

Right alongside this community, supporting our local teams, is this community newspaper. After 162 years, we bring you great community news each week better than we ever have, free in local racks or delivered to your home for less than $1 per week.

After a tremendous response from the business community and the local schools last year, our upcoming Friday Night Lights publication will be even bigger and better than our previous editions. Packed with previous articles and photos looking at the season ahead for all three teams, the publication talks about players, rosters, schedules and more.

Along with the great editorial coverage, there will be countless businesses showing their support within this publication. Many will be offering game day deals. Others will be simply wishing their local teams the best of luck in the season ahead.

Our staff is already working hard to reach everyone in the community to be a part of this publication that will be seen by our more than 24,000 weekly readers and distributed at the opening and early season home games at all three local high schools. Altogether, more than 80,000 readers will enjoy Friday Night Lights 2018 in the Telegraph.

We take great pride in supporting our youth sports like this and we hope you will too, whether it’s reading Friday Night Lights or joining the many advertisers that support our efforts.

For more information on Friday Night Lights, simply call our office at 916-985-2581 or drop us a note at We want everyone in the community to have the opportunity to be a part of this special publication.

­-Folsom Telegraph