EDH Athlete of the Week: Dylan Barthel

By: Matt Long, Sports Editor
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Dylan Barthel is a member of the El Dorado Hills 50-70 All-Star team, which recently won the Section 4 championship.

Barthel, a first baseman, is a big part of the team’s offense. Barthel hit .444 during the tournament, as well as making several great plays at first base.

“Dylan is the type of player every coach loves,” EDH Manager Gary Throckmorton said. “Dylan is a strong, athletic, talented kid with a huge love for the game and his teammates. He is always supportive of all of his teammates and is looked to as a leader on the team. I see a bright future for Dylan, as he moves forward in the sport.”


Folsom Telegraph: How old are you, what school do  you go to and what grade will you be in this upcoming year?

Dylan Barthel: I’m 13 years old. I go to Holy Trinity School, and I will be going into eighth grade.


FT: Do sports run in your family?

DB: Yes, sports run in my family. My older brother plays football for Oak Ridge High School and my dad played football for two years in college and 12 years for the Fire football team.


FT: How long have you been playing baseball and how did you get your start in it?

DB: I've played baseball for seven years, and my dad influenced me to play.


FT: What positions do you play? Do you have a favorite and why?

DB: I play first base. My favorite position is first base because I like being involved constantly from runners on first and infielders throwing the ball to first base.


FT: What do you like best about baseball?

DB: Playing with my close teammates and hitting.


FT: How did your season go this year?

DB: Our team went undefeated, 17-0, and we grew a lot as a team.


FT: Did you have a most memorable moment of the season and why?

DB: My most memorable moment of my season was winning the Northern California Section 4 intermediate tournament.


FT: Has the All-Star season been fun? What have you enjoyed most about it?

DB: Yes, the All-Star season has been fun. I’ve enjoyed playing baseball with great teammates.


FT: How has Coach Throckmorton helped in your development?

DB: Coach Throckmorton has been a great advocate. He helped me develop into a first baseman, and has helped me with my confidence in all areas of baseball. He makes it fun and education. He believes in me and supports me. He is truly a great coach.


FT: Have you ever been involved in any other sports?

DB: Yes, I've played soccer and now I currently play basketball and football.


FT: What was your favorite class/subject in school and why?

DB: My favorite subject is science because of our teacher Mrs. Rossiter. She  makes it really fun, and I like learning about all aspects of science.


FT: Favorite Food?

DB: My favorite food is sushi.


FT: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.

DB: No, I don't have pets.


FT: Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

DB: In my free time, I like playing video games with my friends and teammates.


FT: What inspires you in sports?

DB: My dad and competition inspires me to play sports.


FT: At this point, what might you want to do with your life after high school?

DB: After high school, I would like to go to college and become a doctor.