Angel’s Kitchen brings authentic cuisine

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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If you enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, Angel’s Kitchen may be for you.

This family-owned local restaurant may have just opened their doors last month, but they have been serving Folsom for some time now. Previously whipping up the amazing $1 Taco Tuesdays at Familia Taqueria down the street, they have expanded their menu so just about anyone will find some thing they like.

Father and daughter-duo, Rebeca Vargas and Norberto Velez were planning on taking some time for themselves before branching out on their own, but it was their loyal customers that supported and encouraged them to start fresh and soon.

“Our customers are the ones who helped us and supported us through the process. They motivated us to open here,” Vargas said. “We really like the Folsom community, so this place is very comfortable for us. It feels like home here.”

Names after Vargas’ mother, Angelica Velez, Angel’s Kitchen offers just about anything you would find at a typical Mexican restaurant, Vargas said.

“We have tacos, which we are known for, burritos, tortas, enchiladas, chili relleno and more. We also have hamburgers and fries, but only because our customers request them,” she said. “Enchiladas and chili relleno are pretty popular right now. We also have our Taco Tuesday special, and everyone goes crazy over it.”

At Angel’s Kitchen, you will get the entire family experience, so you better show up with an appetite.

“As a Mexican family, when we have family parties at our home, we make sure our guest feel at home, so we always cater to them, over the top sometimes, especially with family,” she said. “We always go around, ‘Do you want more food?’ ‘Do you need something to drink?’ It’s that kind of environment that we have at home that we want to bring in here, and it is something that our customers need as well. We want to make sure they are always happy with their food and how they are being treated.”

Looking and listening around, you will be able to watch TV, or listen to the music playing from the kitchen.

“Sometimes, you can hear my dad singing,” she laughs.

Since opening, Vargas said her favorite part of the business has been the customers because they are the ones who originally supported them through the whole process.

“My favorite thing has been the customers, their support and their wishes,” she said. “They really value our food and our family. For me, seeing the customers when they walk in and they say, ‘We’re so glad you’re back,” that’s what makes me happy.”