Just what the doctor ordered, healthy donuts

Dr. Bob’s Donut Café too open in Folsom
By: Bill Sullivan, Associate Publisher
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Healthy doughnuts are coming to Folsom. That’s correct, the word healthy and doughnuts in the same phrase and they are coming to our area courtesy of Dr. Bob’s Donut Café.

In 2014, Dr. Bob’s Donuts and DoYos opened its doors in Roseville. The opening caught the attention of many as the establishment was the first in the region to offer an alternative to fried doughnuts. That healthy alternative is steamed donuts that are topped with healthy ingredients such as hemp seeds, acai chia pudding and more.

The concept of healthy doughnuts was well accepted in Roseville,  so well that the company has decided to expand with its future location set for 1125 Riley Street.  The site was formerly occupied by Main Street Bagels and has been closed for several months.  With a 2,400 square foot facility, the new Folsom location is much larger than the first Dr. Bob’s.

 Dr. Bob’s appeals the growing market of health-conscious consumers with its slogan being “comfort food delicious, superfood nutritious”  and a menu that offers options that are organic, vegan, gluten free and dairy free. The new location will differ slightly from the Roseville eatery and will be branded as Dr. Bob’s Donut Café.

With the opening expected at the end of summer, the Folsom location will serve more than just healthy donuts. A full service café will be added to the venue and beverages will be served, including coffee, juice.

It is expected that the Folsom community will welcome the healthy alternative which follows the recent opening of several health conscious businesses opening in the city including Sprouts Fresh Market and Life Time Atheltic which also features healthy dining alternatives within the walls of the popular gym.