Letter to the Editor; My Dog was attacked at the park

By: Alana Brady, Folsom
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I am writing regarding an incident that occurred yesterday (3/28/2017) at approx. 4 p.m. at Fido Field off Blue Ravine and Oak Ave Parkway.

My dachshund was attacked at the dog park. Her trachea was punctured and she has been in ICU since 3/28/2017 due to the injuries. The owner and his dog fled the scene without providing information or assistance.

If you come to Fido Field, you would recognize my odd dog couple. Maverick, my large black German Shepherd, who loves to play Frisbee and Cinnamon, my small brown senior dachshund (the injured dog).

The aggressive dog is a medium (40ish pounds) black, with white chest spot, pit bull/lab mix. The owner is a white male adult, bald, approx. 38-45 years old, medium build, 5' 6-5' 8ish, with an Australian/English accent. He was present with two male juveniles between the ages of nine-15 years old.

The owner of the aggressive dog refused to offer assistance.

Due to the help of a Good Samaritan, I was driven to the hospital while applying pressure to my dog's neck wound and breaths to her.

I am looking for any information about the owner, his dog, or about anyone who witnessed the incident.

Folsom Animal Control has been contacted and requests assistance so as to prevent this from happening to someone else or someone else’s pet.

Please feel free to share and get the word out. I can be reached via Facebook or via email at

It would mean the world to me if you could help me find this man before his dog attacks again.