Think you can Escape Folsom?

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Escape Folsom

727 Traders Lane



Experience excitement and mystery at the new Escape Folsom down in the Folsom Historic District. The second you walk in to Escape Folsom, you are instantly overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia and excitement.

This one-of-a-kind business is more than just a room full of puzzles. At Escape Folsom, guests can experience specifically designed rooms that mirrors piece of Folsom history, as well as get a bite to eat and drink.

“You don’t have to come to the escape room to experience the bar and restaurant component,” said Co-Owner Jim Carey. “The restaurant and bar area adds to the experience. You can get a meal and drink before or after you go into the escape room, or you can do both separately.”

The one-hour escape room experience offers guests the chance to Escape the Prison or Escape Yager’s Tap House – both historic Folsom icons.

“Our games are unlike games in other escape rooms. People who have done 30 games walk into ours and they can’t figure it out because we’re not conventional,” said Co-Owner Jim Corbett. “We designed the room and made it look completely realistic, and then we designed the puzzles to go into the room. Everyone has fun.”

Long-time friends Carey, Corbett and Co-Owner Garrett Call decided to enter this business opportunity almost two years ago when Corbett went to a trade show and experienced his first escape room. When he came out of the escape room, he knew the perfect building to house his very own – the old Yager’s building.

“It’s great to see the vision we came up with two years ago is now a reality and everyone loves it,” Corbett said.

Carey said while escape rooms are gaining traction all around the country, they wanted to be different, and that’s exactly what they did.

The restaurant and bar area is unique, all the way down to the furniture. Everything was built by the three friends, and even some of the pieces such as the tables, chair cushions and wood planks were repurposed from what was left in the Yager’s building.

“We wanted to provide a different type of environment than what was already on Sutter Street,” Carey said. “Taking the old building and transforming it, but keeping a lot of the attributes of the old building was important to us. You can see the bricks and the rock walls, and you can’t duplicate that. We didn’t want to affect those kinds of things.”

The menu, created by Chef Paul Mueller, was designed for sharing and community, just like the entire business.

“From community tables to community games, everything that we tried to create is about community and our menu also reflects that,” Corbett said. “With the sliders to the flatbreads, everything comes in portions to share, and that’s what we’re looking for – to bring people together, meet new people and enjoy the atmosphere.”

While Escape Folsom recently opened on Feb. 16, there are already popular items on the menu. Some of these items include the pastrami pretzel sliders, bagel bites, bacon and spinach dip, Brussels sprouts hash, loaded French fries and the gourmet corndog. Escape Folsom is family-friendly and also has a kid’s menu.

When asked what their favorite part about their new business is, Carey and Corbett both said seeing their guests’ excitement.

“I love seeing the excitement of the people that have come in and knew Yager’s before and can see the transformations,” Carey said. “Also, I love seeing their excitement when they experience a room. Their happiness and excitement is why we did this. We wanted to create something where people could have a great time.”

Other than having the rooms open to individual guests, Escape Folsom also caters to the corporate client.

“Anyone who wants to do a team building event can come in and experience two rooms at a time. After, they can experience great food and have a place to have some drinks in the same location,” Carey said. “We can rope off the lounge and have a private party area. We also cater to birthday parties, bridal showers and any celebration.”

Carey invites everyone to come to Escape Folsom.

“Come down and experience Escape Folsom, and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised,” he said.