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New conflict workshops coming to Folsom

By: Sponored by Good Story Workshops
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Good Story Workshops, a new Folsom-based community resource, is launching with their first workshop on Feb. 11, Great Tools for Managing and Resolving Conflict. Presented by a set of local experts in Conflict and Reconciliation, this high-energy session will give participants new tools to use right away.
“We all have conflict – it’s part of the human experience,” said Michael Zacharia, experienced conflict and resolution consultant and one of the workshop facilitators. “We learn a lot of things in school, but we’re not taught anywhere about how to approach and deal with conflict in a healthy fashion.”

Unfortunately, recent political events have served as new sources of tension or have contributed to exacerbating existing conflict among peers, friends and family members. These events have the potential to damage important relationships if people are not given the tools to address issues in constructive ways.

According to Zacharia, all of this adds up to fertile ground for addressing conflicts, resulting in better relationships.

“There are very effective tools for managing conflict, and reducing the stress and cost of conflict. We wanted to build a workshop that teaches normal people how to use these simple, powerful tools.”

“Life is rich – full of discoveries and challenges,” said Scott Schafer, director of Good Story Workshops. “We exist to help people in our community explore both.”

Through workshops presented locally by experts in a number of fields, Good Story Workshops offers a variety of engaging sessions to help participants take the next step.

“You’ll explore new wonders or get a fresh approach to an old challenge – and often both,” said Schafer.

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About Good Story Workshops: Good Story Workshops is based in Folsom CA and is dedicated to bringing high-quality, high energy training workshops to the community. A Good Story Workshop is marked by:

·      Interactive presentations by talented experts

·      High energy, engaging sessions

·      Practical tools to use immediately

·      Specific skills and ideas to move forward and explore what’s next