Folsom get fishy: Palladio welcomes SeaQuest

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium held their four-day grand opening celebration of the much anticipated location in the Folsom Palladio Nov. 17-20.

SeaQuest focuses on hands-on exhibits, including reptiles, birds, mammals, sharks, stingrays and other interactive animals.

“We’re very excited to bring SeaQuest to Folsom,” said Vince Covino, SeaQuest CEO. “As guests interact up close with the diverse array of exotic species we have planned, our goal is to create a fun and memorable experience. If we can do that, an appreciation of our planet and our environment will become a real priority in their lives.”

The Folsom location features more than 22,000 square feet of interactive adventures, such as exotic sea life in Caribbean Cove, tropical birds in Amazon Rainforest, reptiles in Egyptian Desert, otters, sharks and eels waiting to be hand fed along The Great Wall of China and much more.

With more than 1,500 different species, guests will journey through the planet through several continents and learn about different habitats, Covino said.

“You can feed them, touch them, interact with them and really become friends with all of the animals,” he said. “We have a lot of field trips and private parties. The great thing about the field trips is the children learn about the planet, and when they leave, they have a new appreciation and desire for conservation and preservation.”

Covino opened the first SeaQuest in Utah in 2016 because he loved to see his six children interact with animals.

“I just loved seeing the animals interact with people. I noticed the children come alive and now, they can do it all day,” he said. “It’s just been very exciting and invigorating to watch them do that.”

As SeaQuests fifth location, with others in Las Vegas, Utah, Texas and Colorado, it will continue its part in rescuing different species.

“There are animals in here right now that are alive because of SeaQuest, and we were able to rescue them,” Covino said. “We need community members and non-profits to reach out to us because we want to make sure the underprivileged children come here without paying. Foster children are always free at SeaQuest, as well as any certified teacher.”

Covino said SeaQuest will be opening new locations in Minnesota, New York and New Jersey in 2019.

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