Sheldon, Starsky topping council election

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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While we may know who the new president and the new U.S. Senate are, not all of Folsom’s ballots for City Council are counted yet.

This being said, currently, Ernie Sheldon has received 25.9 percent and Jeff Starsky has 24.6 percent of the Folsom City Council vote. If results remain the same, they will be claiming their seats for another term. Roger Gaylord III received 23.9 percent, Rob Ross received 16.8 percent and Chad Vander Veen received 8.8 percent of the vote.

From an interview with Sheldon back in October, he said he was running for his third term because he didn’t feel that his time on the council was finished.

“I want to make sure South of 50 is done properly,” Sheldon said. “While it won’t be done in my time, I want to see the development start. It’ll be a year or so before we see ground moving, but I want to make sure the city and the developer stick to the rules.”

Starsky has lived in Folsom for 32 years and, if elected for a fifth term, he said he plans to complete projects he started to benefit the city as well as assure Folsom remains a fiscally viable city in the future.

Tom McClintock won District 4 of the U.S. House with 62 percent. Robert Derlet received 38 percent of the vote.

Ami Bera won District 7 of the U.S. House with 51 percent, leaving Scott Jones with 49 percent.

Sue Frost won with 54.8 percent of the vote for District 4 Board of Supervisors. Mike Kozlowski followed Frost receiving 44.9 percent of the vote, leaving a quarter of a percent to writ-ins.

Prop. 51 passed to authorize school bonds. Prop. 52 passed for Medi-Cal hospital fees. Prop. 53 did not pass for voter approval for bonds. Prop. 54 passed to publish bills prior to voting. Prop. 55 passed to extend temporary income tax increases for school funds and healthcare. Prop. 56 passed to increase the tax on cigarettes. Prop. 57 passed for sentencing and parole for non-violent criminals and juvenile court. Prop. 58 passed to repeal English-only education. Prop. 59 passed to overturning Citizens United. Prop. 60 did not pass for adult film health requirements. Prop. 61 did not pass to limit drug prices. Prop. 62 did not pass to repeal the death penalty. Prop. 63 passed for firearm and ammunition control. Prop. 64 passed for the legalization of marijuana. Prop. 65 did not pass to redirect carryout bag funds. Prop. 66 passed to change appeal procedures for the death penalty. Prop. 67 passed to allow recycled bag sales to uphold single-use bag ban.

Sacramento Measure B, G and L passed.