Vintage Folsom; John Donald Jorgensen

By: Courtesy of Folsom History Museum
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John Donald "Spider" Jorgensen died at San Antonio Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga ending a glorious life surrounded by fame and a baseball diamond. He died 3 days after his 84th birthday. He was a long time resident of Folsom and a graduate of Folsom High School in 1936, the youngest of 7 children in his family. His final 22 years were spent as a scout for the Chicago Cubs. He played five years in the big leagues. Jorgensen is most famous for his major-league baseball debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. In it, he played beside Jackie Robinson, who broke the racial barrier and made history that same day. His greatest feat as a coach came when he led the Fair Oaks American Legion to a North Division Championship in 1967, a team that included player and manager, Dusty Baker.