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First permanent fat loss system has been invented

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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After many years of physics and developing technology, Vince Rose has created something we can all agree is game-changer for the fat loss and health-conscious community.

As the inventor of the first permanent fat loss system, Shapmasters, Rose not only uses his friends and family as successful clients, but himself as well.

Rose used to work out with a trainer three to five days a week for three years. He weighed 285 pounds and after the three years, he weighed in at 240 pounds. 

“I followed precisely what they told me to do,” he said. “That was frustrating because I worked out for three years and I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I put myself on this program and within five weeks, without even exercising, I went from 240 pounds to 210. My body fat went from 28 percent to nine percent. I have the metabolism of a 12-year-old.”

Years ago, Rose developed a technology that successfully eliminated the communication between cells or organisms on the cellular level.

“I was able to deactivate deadly pathogenic microorganisms,” he said. “It uses light and sounds to disrupt cellular communication between living organisms. When organisms can’t talk, they die because they cannot multiple or replicate.”

This technology has been used in military applications by the U.S. Government in germ warfare control wherever they manufacture store produced biological weapons, Rose said. In case of an accidental release, this technology is available to them to prevent anyone from getting sick or dying.

Additionally, the technology is used in the healthcare field, specifically to sterilize sensitive and expensive medical devices that cannot be sterilized using the traditional methods of heat, steam, chemicals or pressure, he said.

“Everything in an operating room has to be sterilized before the next patient. If you have an expensive piece of electronic equipment that needs to be cleaned, how do you do so without destroying it?” Rose said. “They use my patented technology, the Micro-Clean technology. It uses very specific wave lengths and very specific frequencies to disrupt cellular communication between organisms, so they die.”

After his success with the Micro-Clean technology, Rose started looking for corrective frequencies that could assist his wife with the arthritis in her knees.

“I haven’t been able to find the frequencies to elevate her problem and relieve her pain, but I have been successful in finding the frequency combinations that allow cellular restoration within the body for unwanted fat cells,” he said. 

What Rose does is flood the body with corrective frequencies for 10 minutes. These frequencies are vibrational sound patterns, which restores the body to its optimum condition. This allows unwanted fat cells to, in essence, be eaten up by the body.

“Over time, we get older, and based on the things we eat, environmental conditions, toxins build up in our body and they tend to reside in our fat cells. As they accumulate over time, the communication between the cells get diminished. Because the communication starts to break down, they cannot produce the hormone transmitters that they would normally produced that allows the body to perform all of its functions in an efficient manner,” Rose said. 

Since the start of time, humans have been led to believe that more exercise and more diet is going to correct the metabolic imbalance, but scientifically, it does not, he said.

“We have to correct the communications between the cells and that is what we do. We flood the body with corrective frequencies and the body picks up only the frequencies that it needs, and discards the ones it doesn’t. It allows your body to be restored to function at an optimum condition so that your body can shed the unwanted weight on its own,” Rose said. “It is really that simple. We want to take the mystery out of weight loss.”

What makes this weight loss program different from all the others are as follow: No pills, no injections, no drops, no strict diet plan, no strict exercise plan and no saggy skin. Nothing foreign is introduced to the body, just natural, corrective frequencies, Rose said.

Rose said men typically will experience one to two pounds per day of fat loss and women experience half and pound to one pound of fat loss per day.

“The results are pretty stunning when you see someone who goes on our program and then you look at them two to five weeks later,” he said. “They are a completely different person.”

How it works: Clients come to one of the various office locations and consult with one of the Shapemasters consultants. At this consultation you will be asked to step on a scale-like board that reads everything from you weight to the number of pounds of fat, to body mass index and more. After determining how much fat you want to lose to remain at a healthy state, for once a week for 10 minutes, you will go to one of the offices and relax with two palm patches on. Throughout the stimulation process, clients will also receive a patch to wear that is imprinted with the same frequencies as the ones during the 10 minute sessions. This allows the body to continuously capture the frequencies while it is losing the unwanted weight.

“Once the person has reached their target weight objective, or their healthy range, they stop wearing the patches and we no longer give them the corrective frequencies via the stimulus we artificially introduce to the body, “ Rose said. “Now the training wheels have been removed and the body is going to do its part.”

Over the course of the next 72 hours the body will adjust and reset to its hypothalamic set point. This is when the brain tells the body to accept the new weight.

Since starting the Shapemasters business on Jan. 1 this year, Rose has been overwhelmed with requests to sign up.

Katie Tenge, one of Rose’s clients, has been on the program for a little over a week and she said she has already lost 11 pounds. 

“The idea permanent weight loss is fantastic,” she said. “You hear it and think, ‘I want to do that!’ and here I am. At first I was skeptical, but after hearing his background and doing some research, i was sold.”

Tenge said she not only feels great, but she has more energy. 

“I would like to lose 20 pounds. I have done so many diets and it does great while I’m on them, but it never lasted forever,”she said. “Vince has people in here every day signing up. I think this could be a billion dollar business. There are people all over wanting to do this.”

Rose is in the process of opening up locations all over California and soon, there will be offices in every state.

If you think this is too good to be true, give Rose a call. He said he will be happy to answer anyone’s questions or concerns.

You can reach him at 916-932-7077 or


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