Wow, so much is going on

By: Tom Rupp
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Wow, so much is happening locally these days. As summer seeks for a place to land, suddenly all sorts of things are going on – good and bad.

That was the conclusion I reached after reading through last week’s edition of the Telegraph. Hey Rachel Zirin, those “A-to-Z” columns are pretty cool, with locally historic facts.

The fires seem to have died down perhaps to the point of containment. The air was so hard to breathe for the longest time. Hopefully this fire story is, or will soon be, a thing of the past of the summer of ‘18.

Crime always exists, but every week we have at least one big story to go with the weekly crime logs. Do you do like we do and read the logs to see if anything happened near where you live?

Of course the story of our area’s burgeoning growth is a weekly thing, as it should be. Along those same lines, did you attend the Council candidate forum at the Harris Center on Tuesday? We have 12 candidates for three open seats. Again I say, wow.

I enjoy the entertainment spotlights that constantly occur here. In my opinion, that is a positive effect of a growing community – you don’t have to go so far so often to find interesting things to do.

Oh yes, remember – school has resumed once more, faithful like the seasons.

Then there’s football. I have a like-dislike relationship with the sport, but one area where the “like” is spotlighted is with our local high school team. Did you know that former Folsom quarterback Jake Browning is in his senior year at Washington? And that he is a 4-year starter? Something you don’t see often.

This year’s team has several standout stars who are headed to strong college programs. It’s always fun to see people who you saw as children now make it as adults in the big world.

In the quiet of the dawn during a recent morning walk, I suddenly heard a commotion in the distance. It got louder and closer. And then there they went – 25 geese flying low and north.

Fall is coming. There will always be news of some sort.

My brother in South Carolina just texted me a picture of a Christmas shopper he received in the Greenville News today. For a third and final time I say, wow.

Tom Rupp is a resident of Folsom and a weekly columnist in the Folsom Telegraph. You can reach him at