Prep football: a big part of the Telegraph

By: Bill Sullivan, Associate Publisher
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High school football and the community newspaper is much like peanut butter and jelly. They are two things that go together so well and the staff and management of the Folsom Telegraph are well aware of this.

In this edition of the Telegraph, you will find one of the most comprehensive guides to the upcoming prep football season that has ever been done. Not only is this the most in-depth publication of its type that has been produced here at the Telegraph, but it’s pretty safe to say that this special section goes above and beyond that of any recent efforts by those in our area with 36 pages of content dedicated to our area gridirons. Stories, photos, statistics, rosters and more, this guide has everything you long to know on our area teams.

When it comes to covering local sports, this newspaper prides itself in doing it well. While some newspapers have greatly reduced their coverage of local school sports, we strive to do the opposite. You can find your national sports coverage in many different media platforms, but when it comes to what is happening beneath the lights at our local stadiums each week, it is the pages of your local newspaper and its website where you will find out the details of the game that took place Friday night and the look ahead of the kick-off ahead.

As you enjoy the special publication inside of today’s award-winning Telegraph, please take a moment to recognize the numerous advertisers that grace its pages. If it wasn’t for the support of our area businesses and organizations advertising in our weekly paper and its special sections, none of it would be possible. 

This Friday night, the Folsom Telegraph, along with all of our papers in Gold Country Media will be taking to the sidelines and the press boxes of numerous football stadiums each Friday night to do what we do best. We will strive to make sure our local youth athletes are recognized for their efforts. 

For many, these games may mark the last time they step on to a field before adulthood. For others, it may be just the beginning as the Folsom community is known for fostering some of today’s top college players as well as rising stars of the NFL. Regardless if it is the beginning or the ending of a period in their lives, this community newspaper has and looks forward to continuing to tell their stories and those of their dedicated coaches, teachers, parents and fans that support them every inch of the way.

I thank the entire staff of the Folsom Telegraph for their hard work and dedicated in making Friday Night Lights a great success. In addition to today’s paper, look for this publication at the entry gates of all three area high schools for their home games and thank you to everyone at Folsom, Vista del Lago and Oak Ridge High School for assisting us in producing this for the local fans once again.

Bill Sullivan is the associate publisher of Gold Country Media. He can be reached at