Letter to the Editor: Folsom intersections – A tragedy awaits!

By: Bob Curthoys, of FolsomBob Curthoys, of Folsom
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As a resident of Folsom, I return from most trips through town with a sigh of relief. “I survived” – I was not involved nor did I witness a major crash caused by yet another driver, blatantly running a red light at one of the major intersections. Throughout the past several years, the rate of red light violations has continued to increase. It is not just one car, but often two or three racing through the intersection well after the light has turned red for them and green for pedestrians and through traffic.

In all the many miles and hours of traveling in town, I have never witnessed a car pulled over for running a red light. I am at a loss to explain why the Folsom Police Department does not seem to be aware of or concerned with this growing problem. With continued growth and increased traffic, the current lack of traffic light enforcement is not acceptable, yet the blatant disregard for traffic signals increases. If we do not have enough police for enforcement, then perhaps the use of cameras at key intersections could be a deterrent.

I am writing this letter in hope that others share my concern for the safety of our community. And that more residents will step up and demand some action by the mayor, city council and the Folsom Police Department. A major tragedy awaits – it is not a question of if, but a question of when!

With Great Concern,

Bob Curthoys, of Folsom