Letter to the Editor: Don't be captivated by captivity

By: Olivia Vucasovich, of Folsom
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Recently it has been discovered that Seaquest Interactive Aquarium has started construction in the Palladio. As I'm sure you know, the response has been that the town of Folsom does not feel comfortable with this type of animal exploitation, along with the owner's very public convictions of illegal animal trafficking and trading, along with abuse charges. As a community, we are asking the city and council members to do further investigation and research into the company before deciding if it is something they want to support. We have created a task force, petitions and peaceful gatherings have been planned. Please do your own research so your heart and mind can be at ease if you decide to promote this company that exploits and captures precious wildlife in order to make a profit. Please don't be captivated by captivity. Please follow our Facebook page, Stop Seaquest Folsom, for up to date information on petitions, peaceful gatherings and how to join us.


-Olivia Vucasovich, of Folsom