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Famed Jeepers Jamboree makes 65th climb next week

Over 1000 participants, 500 vehicles to trek into the Rubicon Trail
By: Bill Sullivan of the Telegraph
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Know and Go:

65th Annual Jeers Jamboree
(Ages 14 and older)
4 Day July 27-31
3 Day July 28-31

39th Annual Jeep Jamboree
(Ages 6 and older)
August 4-6
(530) 333-4771

It’s known to avid off road enthusiasts as the “Grand Daddy” of all four-wheel drive excursions. It’s the annual Jeepers Jamboree and it’s climbing in its way in and out of the famed Rubicon Trail in the heart of the Sierra Nevada wilderness for its 65th consecutive year this month.

The Jeepers Jamboree is known as the oldest, toughest and largest organized event of its type throughout the world. The event takes a year of full time planning and takes place for a four-day stretch July 27 - 30 on a route that is never the same year to year, changing vastly due to Mother Nature’s work over the winter months.
The trek begins in the heart of Georgetown where some  500 jeeps and more than  1,000 participants depart  to Loon Lake. After they cross the second dam, the adventure begins and asphalt is an extinct commodity for the next three and a half days and nights.
Once the wheels are, the next 17 miles consist of strategic rock climbing, stream crossing and off-roading .
The Jeepers Jamboree is more than a driving experience, participants and guests are wined and dined nightly in Rubicon Springs. The trip is completely catered, with a full-service bar. Dining, dancing and good memories are made under the stars complete with live music by artists who are actually flown in for the event.

“I love to see people come from Los Angeles and all over the world to enjoy our backyard,” said Bob Sweeney, president of Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree Inc. “We’re feeding them. We’re guiding them and we’re doing everything it takes to give them a five-star place. It’s a chance for four-wheelers to gather, talk shop and enjoy the beauty of the trail.”

The Jeepers Jamboree fields a team of on-site mechanics to assist participants. Common replacement parts are stocked on site and sold to participants as needed, mechanics are volunteered but commonly tipped by those who utilize them in appreciation for their hard work.
The Jeepers Jamboree is presented in conjunction with the Jeep Jamboree that takes place later in the month.

While the Jeepers Jamboree is more of adult atmosphere, with travelers required to be 14 years of age or older. The Jeep Jamboree permits those 6 and older to attend.
To participate in either of the treks, acceptable vehicles include Jeeps, Land Cruisers, Toyota pickups, Samurais, Scouts, and Broncos prior to 1979.

No expert driving experience is required to participate in the Jamboree events, trail guides are provided along the entire trail route to instruct drivers of the preferred lines to travel through the challenging rocks and terrain. Much like a roller coaster, once you make the decent you are committed to ride until the very end.
The Jeepers Jamboree accepts participants for either a three-day trek or the full four days. Registration for the four-day trek is $465 per person. Three day trips are $420. Registration includes daily meals along the way.
The Jeep Jamboree for the younger, family-oriented groups take place Aug. 4-6  Registration for this trip is $420 per person and family members 16 years or younger are $310.
Following the annual trips, officials and volunteers from the Jamboree travel the trail and assure that all is cleaned up and placed in its original condition. This organization is very proactive in preserving the Rubicon Trail as much as they are traveling it
“Our efforts ensure the use of the trail for future years, but also help to keep the area a place people want to visit between Jamborees,” said Sweeney.

For more information on registering for the Jeepers events visit or they can be reached at 530-333-4771. Their staff is more than happy to answer questions about their excursions, vehicle requirements and more. ★