Letter to the Editor: Share trails with all

By: Lisa Davidson, of Folsom
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Last Saturday evening my husband and I took our children to old Folsom to enjoy the waterfront trail and the area. It was one of the hotter days so we decided to cut our visit short as my oldest was getting a bit overheated. As we were walking back we were blocked access to the trail at the new waterfront by an area photographer. It appeared this was a portrait or maybe a wedding session. They had equipment and lighting set up, completely blocking the trail where it goes beneath the bridge. I completely understand that our area makes for great backgrounds for photos, but I think it is wrong that a business can take over the only passage way for the public and then get cranky when people ask to pass through. I am hoping that Folsom PD or the Parks Department patrols these areas and instructs these businesses to make room for everyone. Many times I have walked having to wait to cross the bridge because there is a photo session and that isn’t right; we as taxpayers have a right to use our trails freely and not be told we can’t do so by a business that is profiting while we are waiting.