What is chiropractic and why does it work?

By: Dr. Geoff Allen
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Chiropractic is a specialty within health care founded on the premise that proper, unrestricted nerve supply from the spinal cord is absolutely essential in regulating the total functioning of the body.

The central nervous system is connected to all the organs, muscles and blood flow.

As Hippocrates, the famous physician who lived 2,000 years ago stated, “The doctor should look well to the spine, for many diseases have their origin in vertebral displacements.”

Modern chiropractors and other medical practitioners understand that when the spine is in its best structural position, nerve flow to and from the brain will allow maximum life energy.

In other words, if there are no blockages or misalignments in the spine, the rest of the body gets the full benefit of the messages sent by the central nervous system.

How do these misalignments occur? They can be caused by injuries, poor posture or repetitive motion damage, to name a few.

Athletes, among other groups of people, have appreciated how much edge can be gained by chiropractors, who are trained experts in human biomechanics.

With continued vigilant care, patients can experience a decrease in discomfort and be on the way to a happier and healthier life.