*Type exactly as shown below *Every line must be flush left, no indents. *For team names never put Folsom in front of team name. For example: Hornets 3, Blue Jammers 2 is correct (not Folsom Hornets 3, Folsom Blue Jammers 2). *Winning team is always listed first *Always include first and last names in that order. Do not list the entire roster every week. There’s plenty of time for everyone to be mentioned throughout the season. *Do not include statistics. *Never use all caps. *Spacing must be exactly as shown below.

Sample format: Major (change division as necessary) Hornets 3, Blue Jammers 2 Players of note – H – Manny Wells, John Davis. BJ – Lincoln Wilson. *Results received any other way will not be accepted *Scores reported not following the sample format above will be discarded.