Your life, summed up in six words

By: Tom Rupp
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As a child I was fascinated with the power of the sun, especially when filtered through a magnifying glass. Yes, I was once of those mean kids who would shine the concentrated light into an anthill just to watch the ants scurry out. Leaves were my next target. A budding pyromaniac is mesmerized by the ability to watch a leaf turn brown and then begin smoking merely because you hold a piece of sunlit glass up to it. The final frontier was the back of a human neck, but I didn’t do that often. Still, it was humorous to see someone smacking the back of their neck as if a fly was on it. I had enough of a conscience to draw the line there. Otherwise, further juvenile delinquency awaited. Jack Canfield has written a book titled “The Power of Focus.” It is amazing what people can do when they focus. It is with this in mind that I bring to you another new book titled, “Not Quite What I Was Planning.” It is a compilation of six-word memoirs. Various people submitted their philosophy of life in a focused six words. It is fascinating. If you are like me, the first thing you do is begin thinking what you would say if you were pressed to sum up your life in six words. First, however, let me share with you a few of the entries: “Revenge is living well, without you,” “Taking a lifetime to grow up,” “Mistakes were made, but smarter now,” “Love drama, just not my own,” “Was rebellious teen, now raising one,” “Clawed my way out of Tennessee,” and finally, “Nothing profound, I just sat around.” If Paul the apostle had an entry, it might be Philippians 1:21, “For me to live is Christ.” Maybe King David’s would be Psalm 23:1, “Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want.” What would your six word memoir declare? Here are two of mine – “Baltimore, Greenville, Orange, Chesapeake, Dunn, Folsom,” or “Changed by God, followed Him imperfectly.” Focus your thoughts and send me your six-word memoirs. At the least it will get us thinking big, getting, as I call it, “the Google Earth view” of our existence. Tom Rupp is fascinated by big bright shiny things and lives in Folsom and can be reached at