A Word to the Wise: Life is like a theatrical production

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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We recently attended a memorial service for a family member who died last month. The memorial took place at the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton. Located on Main Street, it was formerly known as the Fox Theater. That theater is an amazing piece of architecture. I wandered away and took a personal tour, reading the various plaques that told the story that took place within those walls. It was quite apropos, considering we were also taking a tour of the life of one of our family members as well. It made for a pensive afternoon full of reflection. We came back home just in time to watch the Oscars. They weren’t as compelling for me this year for some reason. In fact, I write this even now as the program continues. I’m admittedly in a mood, and not up for watching a group of self-important people spend three hours congratulating themselves on how important they are. Please bear with me. And then I saw an advertisement for a new show airing next week called “GCB.” The letters stand for “good Christian b**ches.” Great. The previews I have seen are no different than what I expect from the television culture. It might be a little easier to bear if the hypocrisy out of which this kind of stuff erupts in the name of “free speech” and “tolerance” would have the guts to air a show called “good Muslim b**tches.” It won’t happen though, because it is quite okay to make fun of certain values but unpopular to make fun of others. Oh well, life will go on and shows like that will come and go. And the church will survive, Christians will go on living for God and the Bible will continue testifying to the truth of God and the heart of mankind. God and the Bible have longed survived the hatred of its enemies and the support of its friends. No silly television program will change it. And if you burn our Book, we won’t try to kill you. Just saying… I have performed many funerals and it seems as if times are changing. The memorial service, weeks or months after the loved one has gone, is becoming a better option. It gives everyone time to make plans and attend. It seems to be a more thoughtful alternative. Such are my scattered thoughts on this introspective day. Reach Tom Rupp at