A Word to the Wise: Here comes the end once again

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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Well, as we get to the end of another year we cannot escape interest in the end of the world as well. 2011 saw at least one prediction of a major ending that never came. That’s the way it has always been. So far. Little wonder, then, that the next interest is in the so-called Mayan calendar and its supposed prediction of the latest end on December 21 of 2012. Depending on your information and your viewpoint, it is something to either ignore or mark on your calendar. I place a vote for “ignore.” Our human tendency is to attach meaning where there is none in order for us to try and make sense of our world. We saw this last month when we experienced 11/11/11. These numbers only occur once every hundred years, so that makes it special, right? Do you know another day that occurs only once every hundred years? 11/12/11. And 11/13/11, and so on. This new year will be the last one for a long time with its 12/12/12. After all, you can’t get to 13/13/13. No one alive will ever see any other combinations like these again, until 1/1/2101. Certain sequential numbers interest us. I read where 7/7/2007 saw more weddings that any other day in history. But again, these are artificially created dates that in themselves have no particular meaning. It is like a birthday or anniversary. Such dates may not have significance for others but for us they are important (like August 17th or November 30th, for instance) On the other hand, one could argue for the fact that every day has meaning. That rings true for me. Every day there are people all around us who depart these surroundings forever (we call it “death”). Today, we are still here. So we’d best live with the chance we’ve been given. At this time of year I think of a date that has personal significance for me - 37 years ago, on December 31st, I gave my life to God. Ever since that day, every day has been a gift, a blessing. With God, every day is important. If you are not a Christian, your best day is yesterday. If you are a Christian, your best day is tomorrow. Do not fret about any supposed date in the future that brings the supposed end of anything. Rather, live today and every day for God. You can reach Tom Rupp at