Wilson family works behind the scenes to bring 'Honk' to life

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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EL DORADO HILLS, CA - Behind every main character in a play, TV show or movie, there is a host of supporting characters. The same can be said for the production itself. Not always seen, a small army of volunteers works feverishly behind the scenes to bring the whole thing together when the curtain rises on opening night at El Dorado Musical Theatre. The Wilson family knows this all too well. Debbie Wilson is taking on a mentor role in this show as the artistic director. Kat Bahry is serving as director. Debbie?s brother, Rick, is the chairman of the organization. ?Everything website related, advertising and marketing is Rick,? Debbie said. ?We?re just like this weird conglomeration who do things to get things done. The blessing is, my kids get to go to work with me every day.? Rick?s son, Andrew, 16, has appeared in numerous productions but is taking a behind-the-scenes role this time around. Debbie?s son, Zach, 12, is the lead actor in their current production, ?Honk, Jr.? but also took on another creative job. Debbie?s daughter, Anjie, 15, is the assistant choreographer. ?She keeps track of every single position of every kid and every step,? Debbie said. ?She would come home and create color-coded charts to keep track of every child?s every single move. She knows it?s important.? ?(Director) Kat (Bahry) needs to not even be in the room and know Anjie and Andrew could rehearse the group, and they can,? Debbie said. ?Andrew keeps track of where everyone is on stage during scenes, works on characterization and helped coach vocally as well.? Rick Wilson, the CEO of El Dorado Musical Theatre, said it?s about passing the torch. ?It?s kind of a generational thing,? he said. ?People growing up and the older ones helping the younger ones, it?s what EDMT is all about.? He said the older actors take a mentoring role with the younger kids. This time around, some of the older kids also rolled up their sleeves to help where needed. ?We needed assistants and Anjie and Andrew stepped in,? he said. ?We don?t tell kids they can?t. We just step out of their way and they can. ? Zach, who is starring in ?Honk,? designed the projections. ?Zach created all the projections for the background, which is part of the set,? proud mom Debbie said. ?It?s like having a dozen different drops and some have animation on them.? Erica, Rick?s wife, serves as the graphic artist, producing posters, logos, the playbill and advertising. She also handles a lot of the makeup. ?She?s quite talented,? Debbie said. ?She?s like the quiet one, compared to the rest of us. We?re always very proud of our collaterals because it points it who we are.? Friday night?s opening at Three Stages in Folsom went off without a hitch, at least according to the packed house. For 10-year-old actor Brooke Snyder, of Folsom, opening night was great. She played one of the Jaybirds and it?s her fourth production with El Dorado Musical Theatre. ?I had lots of fun,? she said. ?I wasn?t nervous with the opening. That was a good crowd.? Follow Don Chaddock on Twitter @anewsguy. Like us at