Where's the 'The' in name?

Reader input
By: Ellen Hester, Folsom History Museum
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I like the new format of the newspaper. However, there are two changes that should go back to the more historic 153-year-old newspaper. The name of the newspaper has always had “The” at the beginning, with a couple of exceptions: a comprehensive supplement produced about 3-5 years ago, and the special “Progress” editions produced in the 1970s. These were both special supplements. The paper’s name font should continue with its historic look. Let’s celebrate the newspaper’s 153 years of continual publication. It started on Sutter Street at both 732 and 728, at the corner of Wool and Sutter. Also, the printing press was located at various other places on Sutter Street, in the 600 block and 800 block. Ellen Hester, Folsom History Museum