From Where I Sit: Time to shake things up with a new title

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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Someone once remarked that ?life is a series of movements form one chair to another.? Think about it. There is some truth to that statement. Many of you who read these words are in a chair even now. You will be in another one later. I?m in one as I write. I will soon finish nine years of writing these columns. When it started, an employee of the Telegraph asked about a name for the column. We bandied about various options before settling on ?A Word to the Wise.? The title is part of a longer moral ? a word to the wise is sufficient. That is, all a wise person needs is a reminder. Over the years, a few people thought the title implied a moral high ground on my part. That is not the case at all. However, after all of these years, I began to think about shaking things up. Another quote I live by says ?we see things as we are, not as they are.? In biblical terms, ?we know in part? (1 Corinthians 13:9). Theologian Clint Eastwood in ?The Enforcer? said, ?A man?s got to know his limitations.? Taking all of this into account, I have come up with a revamped column title for the future ? From Where I Sit. That?s what this venture has been so far. Here I have been sitting in Plato?s cave, watching shadows on the wall, transcribing some fleeting thoughts for the passing weeks. S.N. Goenka says, ?One sees things from only one angle, a partial view, which is bound to be distorted, and yet one accepts this view as the full truth.? Playwright Tennessee Williams adds, ?Snatching the eternal out of the desperately fleeting is the great magic trick of human existence.? That?s what it is. That?s what I want to try and do during my brief moment of time in this tiny corner of our planet. So join me in the coming weeks, months and years, Lord willing, as I tell you how things look from where I sit. Since we were changing the name, we decided to also change the photo. We snapped that last photo over four years ago. I?m at that stage in life where not much changes anymore. You can only earn but so many wrinkles (just ask W. H. Auden). You can only lose but so much hair. It?s time to move to another chair. Reach Tom Rupp at