From Where I Sit: Starting all over again

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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Here we go again. Just when we think we have gotten it down right, here comes another year. It seems to work that way, doesn’t it?

I don’t believe in luck, so the fact that this New Year ends in “13” doesn’t bother me one bit. Here are some things that do bother me – ignorance, unfairness, lying, injustice, double standards and drug and alcohol use. Oh, and empty pride, self-righteousness and baseless judgments. Having a year end in “13”? No big bother.

The last year to end this way was 1913. That was the year the government began to collect federal income taxes as per the 16th amendment. A 17th amendment was also added that year – making it a two in one year! Woodrow Wilson became president and women were fighting to be allowed to vote. The highest temperature ever recorded before or since, 134 degrees, occurred on July 10, 1913, in Death Valley.

Richard Nixon, Rosa Parks, Vince Lombardi and Gerald Ford all came on the scene in 1913.  Now, 1813 was a different story. James Madison was president and the war of 1812 dominated the news. Currier, of Currier and Ives fame, was born that year, as was Lincoln’s debate partner Stephen Douglas and California notable John Fremont.

When you go back to 1713, things get foggier. Surely things happened that year, right? But 300 years tend to wear much of the significance away. Diderot the philosopher was born that year, but no other names that I recognized. The focus of history tended to be more European than American then. The United States was just beginning.

The biggest names in 1613 were Pocahontas, King James and London’s famous Globe Theater that burned down that year. Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” Ponce de Leon’s view of Florida and Balboa’s sighting of the Pacific all occurred in 1513. Finally, I looked a thousand years back to 1013 but found nothing of any significance to me.

Actually, I’ve looked 24 hours back and found little of any significance to me. Oddly enough, I have randomly heard the 1984 Kenny Loggins song “Footloose” twice today. One line says, “Somebody to tell you that life ain’t passing you by, I’m trying to tell you it will if you don’t even try.” Yes it will.

I wonder what they will be saying about 2013? I wonder what’s going to happen in 2013? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

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