From Where I Sit: I'm voting for 'The Other Guy'

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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HEAD: I’m voting for ‘The Other Guy’

So now the big contest of the year between two distinct foes has come and the winner has been decided. That’s right, I’m not mistaken – the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Oh, you thought I was talking about the upcoming election? Well, that’s another issue altogether.

I have tried to stay informed without getting so deeply involved that tempers flare or friendships strain over this election. It seems amusing that folks get so blasted uptight about it all.

It has gotten to the point that I have about decided I am going to vote for The Other Guy for president. As far as my one little measly vote for president goes, The Other Guy is going to get it from me.

Think about it – if The Other Guy wins, the world won’t end anyway. If My Guy wins (without my supportive vote), the world will not end either. In addition, my friends who support The Other Guy will find it easier to be my friend since I voted for him as well.

On the other hand, my friends who support My Guy will (possibly) forgive me, especially if My Guy wins. However, if I vote for The Other Guy, and he wins, then my friends who support My Guy will think I am a traitor or crazy. Neither is true. Does that matter? Will my one vote be the deciding factor in our friendship? I hope not. If it doesn’t, then maybe we didn’t have much of a friendship anyway.

Here’s the other side of this confusing coin – if The Other Guy loses, the world will not be saved; and if My Guy wins, the world will also not be saved. Our durable system of government has a way of surviving various crises. We survived a civil war, two world wars, a financial Depression and innumerable political scandals, for crying out loud.

I think we will survive this election. I hope my friendship (with people who take their support of Their Guy and their opposition of The Other Guy so seriously) also survives this whole sorry, sordid affair.

I sometimes feel as if next Tuesday is like one huge national vomit-fest. It will be messy and stinky. Some people will feel better when it is over while others will feel worse. There’s no good way out of it but at least it will be over.

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