From Where I Sit: Has anyone seen my glasses, pen or $20?

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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From time to time all of us lose things – temporarily or forever, expensive or cheap. In the past, I used to get obsessive about trying to find even the smallest things that got lost.

Take a pen, for instance. It used to be that if I lost a good writing pen, I would spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find it. Age has mellowed me, not only about pens, but most everything.

That attitude of acceptance was put to the test a few Sundays ago when I had a $20 bill at church and lost it. No, not in the offering plate, but after the service.

I didn’t notice that it was missing until driving home. I called some friends who were still there but they didn’t see it anywhere.

Over the years, many of us have the good fortune to come upon some money lying around. One recurring dream of mine is discovering money lying all over the ground. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that sometimes we are also the one losing the money?

I tried to let it go, but changed clothes and drove back down to church to check my office there. Maybe, just maybe, it was on the desk or floor or something. It wasn’t.

It was only $20, but still – the thought that it was just lying around somewhere all alone was too much to bear.

I drove home and finally let it go, or so I thought. One last look in the car, and, wouldn’t you know it? There it was between the door and the floor on the side of the drivers’ seat. Oh well.

It was a good test of trust and worry, receiving and releasing. But there was an even bigger lesson that day.

You see, when I went back to church and explained to my friends what had happened, they all gave it an effort but couldn’t find it. Of course they couldn’t – it was waiting in my car the whole time.

What struck me was what my friend Andy said. Seeing my frustration he said, “Pastor Tom, I have $20 I can give you.” He meant it, and I’ll never forget it. Oh to live in such a way knowing that “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away” (Job 1:21). Oh to hold on loosely.

Thanks, Andy. I found more than $20. I rediscovered acceptance.

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