From Where I Sit: Festering about sequestering

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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Isn’t it funny how a word can worm its way into our vocabulary and suddenly it’s all we hear? Where’s that “fiscal cliff’ we heard so much about? For a while you couldn’t open a newspaper or webpage, turn on a radio or television, without hearing that apparently meaningless phrase.

Jimmy Carter had his “malaise” and Ronald Reagan had his “star wars.” Al Gore had his “lockbox” and George W. Bush had his “axis of evil.”

Now Barack Obama has his “sequester.” I have never in my life used that word, until now. I have never had a need to use it and suddenly every situation seems to be demanding its use.

Sure we’re pope-less, but things aren’t hopeless – the cardinals are sequestered, and that can only mean a good thing. A new pope awaits.

In politics, on the other hand, “sequester” is the newest curse word. It’s getting to the point where words sound meaningless. Like the boy who cried “wolf,” politicians (of all parties, guys) are losing what little esteem they may have had in public opinion by constantly warning of the end of the world while things move right along. Where’s Harold Camping, Y2K and the Mayans when you need them?

Sure I pray for all of our leaders. It’s the right thing to do. One big reason why I pray for our leaders is because the temptation to morph into a blustering liar is too strong, and they need strength to avoid sliming their way into the filth. Too many of them do that.

Since they are mired in it, they need the salvation of truth. Is lying a skill set required in politics? Don’t you Democrats get all high and mighty – you’ve been in control for a long time and you can’t or won’t get it done. Democrats are not above lying.

And don’t you Republicans get all high and mighty, because when you are in power you do the same thing. Republicans are not above lying either. No matter what they call themselves, and no matter who has their hand on the wheel, they do the same thing.

They say we get the government we deserve. Are these most recent shenanigans what we deserve? Has it come to this? Can you tell I’m in a bad mood?

Well I am. It makes me want to go sequester myself in Switzerland, or at least the Sierra.

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