Where are the American patriots?

Reader input
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In six months, that criminal fraud occupying out White House has almost destroyed our country. The laws and values of this country’s founding Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights have been disregarded, dismantled, demeaned and almost annihilated by Barack Obama, his lackeys, and the spineless, lap dog legislators who were put in office “by the people, for the people” and only serve themselves. The corrupt political parties, all of them, with both state and national legislators, are put ahead of our country and its legal voting citizens. Where is the power of the people? When is there to be a show of action to impeach, or whatever it takes, to throw out these anti-America, power and money hungry traitors? Does no one else care that Barack Obama is destroying our Democracy? Wake up, Americans, and let’s take our country back. Bettye Mahan, Folsom