What would protesters have done to stop Joseph Han?

Reader input
By: Tim Trono, Folsom
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My condolences go out to the family of Joseph Han. Losing a life is tragic and saddening. However, I find the comments and actions of John Burris and the protesters deplorable. Mr. Burris states “I don’t know all of the facts, but on the surface, it (doesn’t look right).” He goes on to say, “What happens is the victim gets demonized. The headlines gave the impression the kid was some wild maniac intent on hurting the police and that was not the case.” It seems that Mr. Burris is speaking out of line since, by his own admission, he does not know all of the facts and the investigations have not yet been completed. In my opinion, it sounds like the case of another attorney trying to make a few dollars by hoping a lawsuit will be settled. When a person does not respond to law enforcement commands and still wields a knife within feet of police officers, they are not the skateboard riding, happy-go-lucky kid next door just goofing around. They are a threat to themselves, to others, and to the law enforcement officers responding. Police officers do not get paid to get killed. They have families too. I would ask the protesters what they would have done? I wasn’t there and I will wait on the investigations as should Mr. Burris, the protesters, the family, and the media. Maybe better family communication, earlier intervention, or counseling would still have Joseph riding his skateboard and with us. This is an unfortunate tragedy for all parties.