What about the Tourism Bureau?

Reader input
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What about the Tourism Bureau? I appreciate Don Chaddock’s column every week, but feel compelled to take exception to an error of omission in the final paragraph of the May 20 column. I agree that it should not be surprising that hotel room tax revenue has been strong all year long, but that fact is due to far more than people “taking vacations here.” Mary Ann McAlea, senior vice president of the Folsom Tourism Bureau, works tirelessly and enthusiastically all year long to bring events and groups to Folsom and nearby areas — participants, their families and their friends stay in Folsom thanks to her efforts. The tax revenue the city is so fond of would be far less were it not for the efforts of the Tourism Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce, and Mary Ann McAlea in particular. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Debbie Monez, Folsom Chamber of Commerce