Wellness program can change your life

By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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If you’re overweight and have had little success dropping the pounds by dieting and/or working out in a gym, Spare Time Clubs has a program that might fit your needs. For the fourth consecutive year Spare Time Clubs are offering its Lean Up 2012 program, a free eight-week wellness program with the purpose to help those most in need of getting into better shape. The program runs from Sept. 17 through Nov. 9 and the deadline to apply for the program is Sept. 3. “This is a community outreach program for the person that hasn’t been to a gym or doesn’t feel comfortable at the gym,” said Chris Maberto, fitness director at the El Dorado Hills Sports Club. “It’s for someone who is struggling with their weight, struggling to get fit and healthy, someone whose weight is affecting their life in a negative way. We want to make every effort to get as many applicants as we can so that we can help as many people possible reach their health and fitness goals and hopefully change their lives.” Maureen Evanoff, Fitness Director at Broadstone Racquet Club, said the program is too good to pass up. “If someone has had it in their mind that they’re ready to take the next step and make healthy choices and get started on making changes, this is a great opportunity for them to do so,” Evanoff said. “You’ll receive professional help to motivate and educate to keep you going forward. On top of that we’ve got a nice facility and the intimidation factor is very low. For eight weeks of training, motivation, fitness, exercise and nutrition, who could pass that up.” The eight-week program features a small-group boot camp three days a week, a one-on-one meeting once a week with a personal trainer, a nutritional and motivational group meetings as well as other activities and all of it is free of charge to those selected to the program. Not only is the program for those with the biggest need, but it’s also for those who can commit to the entire program. “It is a big commitment and if you have to be able to commit to the entire program,” Maberto said. “We have two options for the bootcamp, either at 6 a.m. or at 5:30 p.m. It’s simple; if you can’t commit to being here we can’t help you.” Last year’s program, the first year it was held at the El Dorado Hills Sports Club, was a big success and Maberto hopes for another great year. “We didn’t get as many people as we wanted to, but it went great,” Maberto said. “We had several lose 30 to 40 pounds in eight weeks and that’s quite an accomplishment.” Lean Up What: A free eight-week wellness program When: Applications due by Sept. 3, program runs Sept. 17 to Nov. 9 Where: Spare Time Clubs, including Broadstone Racquet Club and the El Dorado Sports Club Info: