Well, at least it’s not a bridge named ‘Sue’

By: Tim Menicutch Telegraph Editor
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The hubbub over the naming of the new bridge is dripping with irony. Most of the responses we’ve received at the Telegraph, simply stated, believe the City Council blew it when they picked Folsom Lake Crossing as the name of the bridge. Wrong choice, they say. Most folks, it seems, wanted Johnny Cash – for obvious reasons – in the name. Some 40 years ago, Cash recorded a popular song about a wrong name called “A Boy Named Sue.” Well, he must o' thought that is quite a joke And it got a lot of laughs from a' lots of folk Nobody I’ve talked to is laughing about the bridge name. People are mostly just upset. They think it’s stupid, and it’s hard to argue the point. Everybody knows, including the four City Council members who voted in favor of it, that the new bridge crosses the American River and not Folsom Lake. It would be like calling the Bay Bridge the Pacific Ocean Crossing. Of course, Folsom Lake Crossing is not the first awful moniker tagged to a person, place or thing. I mean, think of the poor son of the light-hearted Dover family, who named their son Ben? Marsha Mellow, Lou Zar and Royal Payne, real names of real people, undoubtedly take a lot of heat about the names their parents gave them. Some gal would giggle and I'd get red And some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head, I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named "Sue." The point is, surely the City Council members knew their name selection would be met with some resistance. It looks like they’re just going to have to man up and take the abuse. Son, this world is rough And if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough Truth be told, there are a number of bad names that are actually functional like the optometrist named Dr. I. Ball, the dentist named Les Plack and a cemetery employee named Phil Graves. The bottom line on any name is that once it is given, that’s what you’re stuck with for a lifetime, like it or not. Any doubts? I guess you could ask Kerry Oki how much she likes her name. * * * Where’s the beef? Well last week it was stampeding down Sutter Street during the annual pre-rodeo Cattle Drive. That’s quite a sight watching a herd of longhorn steer negotiate the narrow street in Historic Folsom. My photographer and I walked the entire length of the drive from Folsom City Lions Park to Sutter Street. We met a lot of nice people on the journey including motorcycle cop Don Koupal, who informed me one of his favorite hobbies is photography. I also met Pat King, Folsom Police Department traffic director, who feigned anger when we snapped his photo at the corner of Natoma and Stafford streets. “If that picture shows up in the paper, I’m going to have to buy ice cream for the department,” King said. Hey, Pat. I’ll take a double scoop of Rocky Road.