Variety keeps things interesting for this instructor

Teacher Feature
By: Bridget Jones, Telegraph Correspondent
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Questions for Laura Bardini, sixth-grade teacher of English/history/novel ideas at Marina Village Middle School in El Dorado Hills Q: How long have you been a teacher and why did you want to get into the education field? A: Bardini said she’s been a teacher for about 21 years. When she was a senior in college she got a job with a summer program for first through fifth graders whose parents had to work (similar to Kid Zone in El Dorado Hills). This was the experience that made her want to become a teacher. “I helped out there and found that I loved it. I found out that I did in fact want to be a teacher, and I changed my major and changed my school and haven’t looked back.” Q: What do you enjoy about teaching your particular subjects? A: “I’m an avid reader, so I love literature. So I hopefully convey that to my students. Sixth grade history is fun because it’s ancient cultures. (I) help bring that alive to (my students) rather then just having them memorize names and dates.” Q: What do you enjoy about teaching at Marina Village Middle School? A: It’s a really professional environment and the entire staff is always available to fellow staff members and students, Bardini said. “The teachers who work there, they’re just great in the sense that not only are they good teachers, but if somebody has an emergency, all you have to do is send an email and somebody will cover for you.” Q: What methods and tools do you use to challenge yourself as a teacher? A: It’s important to know that every classroom of students is different from others. What may work for one teacher in one classroom may not work for another in his or her classroom, Bardini said. “Just (knowing) that … on a day-to-day basis, you don’t always know what’s going to work. As a teacher, you kind of have to be observant and stay on your toes. The kids themselves keep me on my toes and looking for ways to do new things everyday so they’re not getting bored and I’m not getting bored.” Q: What are your hopes for the futures of your students? A: “I’m so fortunate to work in this community that values education … These kids are very lucky their parents are behind them and the community’s behind them, so the sky’s the limit for them!” Bardini has been in El Dorado Hills for 15 years and said she loves to hear about former students who are already graduating from college, getting married and starting families of their own. She said she enjoys running into parents of former students and having them fill her in on what their children have been doing in their lives so far.