Trosin, Muldrow lead Folsom

By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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Tanner Trosin is having a fantastic senior year on the football field, leading the state in completions, attempts, passing yards, yards per game and touchdown passes. Trosin has completed 203 passes in 307 attempts for 2,933 yards and 28 touchdowns, while leading the Bulldogs to a 7-1 record. The statistics all rank No. 1 in the state. While the numbers are staggering, they don’t mean much to Trosin, who is all about winning. The Bulldogs have their biggest game of the season coming Friday and Trosin could throw for 500 yards and six touchdowns, but if the Bulldogs don’t win, he isn’t going to be happy. “I’m not really paying attention to any statistics,” the humble Trosin said. “They don’t win games or championships so they don’t really matter to me.” Trosin did admit, however, he is surprised at the numbers he’s put up this year. “I feel I’m doing pretty good, just playing football and going with the game plan,” he said. “I’m a little surprised at my numbers, but I knew going in that I was going to throw for a lot of yards. We’ve been doing well and my confidence is growing.” While Trosin spreads the ball around to several receivers, his go-to guy is J’Juan Muldrow, who has caught 70 passes for 1,135 yards and 10 touchdowns. He’s third in the state in catches and second in yards to Vista’s Logan Smith and is also four receiving touchdowns behind the state leader. After not seeing much action as a junior playing behind Tyler Trosin, Muldrow has easily made the transition from back-up to starter this season, but it required a lot of hard work. “It was pretty tough last year not playing so much, but I knew watching Tyler and learning from him would pay off,” Muldrow said. “I was in the weight room in the spring and after the Cal camp Tanner and I were together almost every day working on our routes and our timing. I’m pretty happy with the season I’m having, but I can do better.” Muldrow’s goals coming into the season were 65 catches and 1,100 yards, numbers he surpassed in Friday’s win over Ponderosa. Folsom coach Kris Richardson said both players have had great seasons so far. “From where J’Juan was last year to now has been a special thing to see,” Richardson said. “We knew he was great in space, but he’s really developed as a receiver in terms of his route running and catching the ball. I believe he’s the best receiver in the area and on top of that he can run the ball and could even throw it if we needed him to. He’s also got to be among the leaders in return yards, because he’s been great at returning kicks and punts. “Tanner has exceeded my expectations,” Richardson continued. “First of all, he’s as tough as they come. I knew he was accurate and he’s proven that and rarely misses. What he’s done is amazing.” Despite their superb numbers, neither Trosin nor Muldrow have received any scholarship offers. While Trosin said that no school has shown much interest, Muldrow said Arizona State and San Diego State are among a few schools that have contacted him. Richardson said Trosin is in the same position as Dano Graves was a year ago. “Tanner is intelligent; he understands the defense and sees the whole picture,” Richardson said. “Somebody is going to get a great quarterback. Again, everybody is looking for a 6-foot-3 guy and when you’re an inch and a half less than that you don’t get noticed. I think it’s just a matter of time, though. Somebody’s going to take a shot at him and they’re going to get a heck of a quarterback.”