Toby Keith set to fire up Folsom grill, bar

By: Art Garcia, Telegraph Correspondent
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After months of construction delays, Toby Keith?s I Love This Bar & Grill is tentatively set for a June 15 opening in the Palladio at Broadstone, Folsom?s open-air shopping center. ?We don?t have a drop-dead date yet. We?re shooting for June 15 to get it open but we?re not sure if that?s going to be the date,? Greg McClure, president of Boomtown Entertainment LLC, operator of eight Toby Keith?s bar and restaurants, told the Telegraph. The Scottsdale, Ariz., based company will own and operate the soon-to-open Folsom store, its ninth. The 14,800-square-foot bar and eatery will have a seating capacity of approximately 700. There are four additional non-franchised Toby Keith?s not owned by Boomtown, three in Oklahoma and one in Las Vegas. The Folsom store will be the first Toby Keith outlet in Northern California. A Toby Keith club opened earlier this year in Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. There will be a ?soft? Folsom opening that might run four to six weeks, possibly eight, before the grand opening, McClure said. Insiders at the company give mixed signals about whether country singer Keith will make an appearance at the Folsom grand opening. McClure was definite, saying ?Toby will be there for that.? ?I?m aware Keith will be performing at a concert at Lake Tahoe in August,? noted Gloria Wright, the Palladio?s general manager. ?I don?t know whether that will be a tie-in or not. It would make sense to me, but that?s just my personal opinion.? She said the Folsom eatery and bar has filled 150 positions, ?everybody from wait staff to bartenders, kitchen staff and security.? The club?s web site indicates there still are openings for kitchen workers. ?They?re open until about 1 a.m., seven days a week, with live music virtually every night,? Wright added. ?They have national touring acts and they?ll bring in more of a local flair. They have folks under contract like Ronnie Dunn and Uncle Cracker who rotate through the various Toby Keith clubs.? The bar at the Folsom venue, as it is at other Keith clubs, is shaped like a huge guitar, with a centerpiece on the ceiling that mirrors the guitar image in red, white and blue. ?It?s very cool, I must say,? said Wright. McClure said the Folsom Keith?s will have live bands four to five times a week, ?possibly more. It just depends on how it goes.? Besides the guitar bar, another of the club?s staples is beer served in a Mason jar, equivalent to two beers and priced at $7, plus short shorts-clad ?Whiskey Girl? waitresses. The restaurant menu will feature southern-style cooking. The club does not take reservations. ?We?re very excited about being in Folsom,? said McClure. ?We think it?s a great demographic fit for us. We?re very excited about the location and by the potential.? The Folsom Toby Keith?s I Love This Bar & Grill?s assistant general manager is Scott Lopez, who can be reached by phone at (562) 743-3070 and via e-mail at The web address is