Thieves targeting air bags in Folsom vehicles

By: Laura Newell, Of the Telegraph
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Folsom residents may be surprised to learn that a new car theft trend is popping up throughout the city.

Airbags are being stolen from cars, leaving car owners in shock.

“The theft of airbags is not new, but there have been a few recently,” said Officer Andrew Bates, with the Folsom Police Department. “Anything that can be resold is a target for thieves, who are usually looking for any easy opportunity.”

Bates said many times, these types of thefts come in clusters. He used the example that in the past couple years, there was a rash of copper thefts in Folsom, but have faded away leaving Folsom with fewer copper thefts today.

“Crime has remained at similar levels overall, but the targets of the crime do come in waves and change periodically,” Bates said. “Criminals do network and talk to each other, and this is part of the reason crime tends to come in waves.”

He said the best advice for preventing airbag theft is the same as preventing any theft from your vehicle.

“Remember to lock your car doors and keep your windows rolled up,” he said. “Try to park in secure or lighted areas, especially areas where people could easily see someone trying to break in. Talk to your neighbors to learn who should be coming and going in the neighborhood. Consider organizing a neighborhood watch to protect each other.”