Teachers are more than dollar signs

By: Amanda Wood, Folsom High student
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On May 11, eight important members of the Folsom High School staff were given their final layoff notices. As a student, I do not understand how such people can lose their jobs. I want to know why no one ever asked me my opinion of these teachers or told me why they were laid off. I do not understand why our teachers are getting laid off and they are cutting our programs when they are an extremely important part of Folsom High School. For the students to be able to succeed, we need good teachers who want to be in the classroom and are active in the school’s programs. Jeffery Carter was laid off. He is not only our fantastic art teacher but also the adviser of the three clubs and is always willing to help out in any way he can. Summer Halverson, our digital art teacher, was also laid off. Thanks to her we have been able to improve our art program and enrich our lives. Scott Southard, our media productions teacher, was laid off. Thanks to him many students have been able to pursue the field of media, broadcasting and the art of filmmaking. Stephanie Coleman, our special education teacher, was laid off. Thanks to her we are able to have an amazing special education program at Folsom High School. Elizabeth Gutierrez was laid off. She is one of our best math teachers and is always willing and available to help out anyone who needs it. Blaine White, our counselor, was also laid off. He is the start of what makes the students succeed and is always willing to do whatever he can to help the students make good choices regarding their schedule. Ann Botsford, another one of our amazing counselors, was also laid off. I know from having her as a counselor that I would not be aware of what I needed to do to graduate or how to get into the college I want. She is always available and willing to help whenever needed and wants us the students to do our best and excel in whatever we do. Finally, Greg Crannell, our student activities director, business math teacher, yearbook adviser, student government teacher and much more, was laid off. He does more for Folsom High School than anyone on campus. Without him there would be no dances, no yearbook, no prom, no senior ball, no rallies and our school would not be unique or run as smoothly as it does now. I know from firsthand experience that all of these teachers are more than just teachers. They are role models, inspirations and a part of our education. I don’t think it is right that the students and parents do not have any say and that some of our best teachers who truly love what they are doing and want to be teaching are getting laid off. There are so many things that we can do to help keep their jobs like taking only two more furlough days and every teacher can keep their job. All of the laid-off teachers are important parts of Folsom High School and I think we need to do everything in our power so they can keep their jobs. Amanda Wood is a junior at Folsom High School.