Sutter Street returning

Reader input
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I have been a resident of Sacramento County for over 35 years and a resident of Folsom for over 20. My first memory of Sutter Street was in 1973 with the trees and median down its center. I too was initially concerned with the loss of Sutter Street’s charm that I had come to know and love. However, it pains me to have someone from Napa criticize Folsom’s Sutter Street redevelopment plan and our Sutter Street merchants, who are struggling to make it through this transition. On my visit to Sutter Street last Thursday, I was the surprised by the view of the buildings that are no longer blocked by the trees. As one who appreciates history, this was the first time I could feel the real history of this street as it existed 100 years ago. I think what the critics need to understand is that we are bringing back the real charm and history of Sutter Street. I want to thank those who have had the foresight and fortitude to complete this project. Also, recommend our Sutter Street merchants and restaurants to everyone. Phil Kilkenny, Folsom