Students should help care for their schools, not trash them

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The citizens of Folsom are fortunate no doubt. We have two of the newest and most impressive high school campuses in the greater Sacramento area. For anyone who has visited either campus, I think you will agree that these venues rival small colleges with their sprawling acreage, beautiful architecture, artificial turf stadiums and aesthetically pleasing designs. Not only do these educational institutions impress with their “brick and mortar” but their “output” – our educated sons and daughters – is among the best in the country thanks to the environment provided by well-trained faculty and support staff. As with any public facility, these campuses are subject to heavy use by the citizens. With recent budget cuts and a slumping economy, the pressure is on the custodial and maintenance staff at both schools to do more with less. These folks do a phenomenal job of working to keep our campuses and classrooms clean and inviting to students. However, the truth is that the skeleton custodial and maintenance staff at each school is no match for students who continue to litter our property (the taxpayers own it). I was on campus the other day just after lunch and was surprised and disturbed by what I saw. Piles of garbage left all over the ground by students who, for whatever reason, couldn’t put it in the trash can. The custodial and maintenance crews were pulled away from their other duties to tend to the cleanup of this mess. This is a sad statement that our children don’t have the common decency to clean up after themselves. This doesn’t mean that all students are this way, but many are. Aren’t we recycling, carpooling and trying to make the planet “green” for this generation? Sadly, many of them don’t seem to care. I hope that this letter draws some attention to the situation. John Moore Folsom