A striking performance

Folsom woman bowls 300 game
By: Matt Long
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Lisa Hobbs isn’t a perfect person, but on Oct. 12 she bowled a perfect 300 game at Folsom Lake Bowl, the first woman to do so in more than 30 years, according to Bowling Center Manager Jay Ahlquist. It wasn’t a complete surprise that Hobbs, 46, bowled the perfect game. She averages 195 in the league and had previously bowled a 300 a few years ago, but considering her first of three games on the night was a 140, the night didn’t start off well for her. “I started off with a ball that was a bit too aggressive and I was too stubborn to change during the game, but I did before the second game,” Hobbs said. After the change, Hobbs began striking and kept striking. As she approached the final frames, she wasn’t nervous because she really didn’t believe she was going to accomplish the feat. “Lake Bowl has been the hardest place to roll at 300 game for years,” Hobbs said, “so I was thinking no matter what I do, the pins aren’t going to fall.” When she rolled the 12th ball and the pins were blown back in the pin deck, Hobbs, naturally, didn’t believe it. “My first reaction was disbelief,” the right-hander said. “I was like, ‘I can’t believe it carried.’” While Hobbs, who is one of 80 bowlers in the Tuesday night Folsom Fugitives league, wasn’t paying much attention to those around her, they were paying attention to her. When she finished her 300, nearly the entire league of bowlers surrounded lanes 13 and 14 at Lake Bowl and let out a cheer. Hobbs finished off her evening with a 195 in her third game for a 635 series. Ahlquist said scores have been on the increase at the center. “So far this year we’ve had more perfect games than the past six or seven years combined along with a few 800 series,” Ahlquist said. “From what I can figure, Lisa’s 300 is the first one shot by a woman here at Folsom Lake Bowl in more than 30 years.”