Stop funding childhood obesity

Reader input
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Taxpayer dollars are subsidizing the growth of childhood obesity. Crops like corn and soy are processed into cheap junk food that the American diet has replaced fruits and vegetables for. With a country in as much debt as we are today, wasteful subsidies that have a direct correlation with childhood obesity should be cut. The US Department of Agriculture distributes between $10 billion and $30 billion in subsidies to farmers per year; 90 percent of these subsidies go to the growers of wheat, corn, soy, rice and cotton. The amount of tax dollars going to crops that create junk food should end. Childhood obesity has quadrupled over the last 40 years, with almost one in five school-aged children diagnosed with obesity. So, we the people need to ban together to end unhealthy subsidies. Contact your senator and ask them to cut wasteful agricultural subsidies that have caused the childhood obesity epidemic. Amanda Wilson, Sacramento