South of 50 is about controlling citizens

Reader input
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The City of Folsom’s South of U.S. Highway 50 Plan is about controlling the population. Like the Global U.N. Blueprint it’s based on, the Folsom Plan stresses the need for “smart growth” and “sustainable development,” both terms that translate into bureaucratic control over the masses. I checked out some of the planning documents posted on Folsom’s website. One thing that caught my attention is the list of “mitigation measures” that will be imposed on citizens for the purpose of reducing “green house gasses.” The bureaucrats intend to use the discredited myth of man-made global warming — which is now called “climate change” because temperatures have been dropping over the last few years — as a way to further contract our lives. Someone unfamiliar with the U.N. agenda might not see a problem. After all, most people would agree that humans need to treat the earth with more respect than we’ve shown in the past. Unfortunately the so-called global elite have been using the environmental movement as an excuse to impose control over the rest of us while they continue to live in luxury. The system they’re creating has a name. It’s called feudalism. Lance Huntington, Folsom