Snakes, gerbils and hardware

By: Don Chaddock, The Telegraph
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Last week’s Folsom City Council meeting was ably run by Vice Mayor Jeff Starsky, who kept speakers to their time limit, thank goodness. One of the hot-button items on the agenda was a proposal to limit pets to four dogs and four cats. Some thought that was far too many. Chuck Coulston, a Folsom resident, said cats leaving behind “presents” in his landscaping bark is getting old. He called for the number to be lower. The city currently allows three dogs and three cats. After some discussion, the council agreed to send the issue back to city staff to come back with an ordinance more in line with the current limit rather than raising it. Councilman Ernie Sheldon, never one to mince words, thought that number was still high, but agreed to the compromise anyway. He questioned the amount of cats and their uninhibited breeding practices. Councilwoman Kerri Howell rushed to the defense of her feline friends, citing statistics that show most pet cats are spayed and neutered. “Are we restricting other things, like gerbils or snakes?” she asked. “I’m going to adopt another cat this weekend and none of you people are invited to my house so I don’t end up in prison.” The discussion then turned to traffic and the construction work taking place this summer. Resident June Chan, speaking about the city’s Historic District Streetscape project, said she was concerned about speeders on Sutter Street. “I am going to be mourning the removal of the median (on Sutter Street) because those cars come speeding up from the light rail station,” she said. “Speed has picked up all over town.” The Streetscape project is slated to start in August and will include removing the median, ripping out the trees, creating some on-street parking, replacing some of the shed roofs and reconfiguring traffic lanes. For more on the project, visit the city’s Web site at SENIOR SALUTE The City Council also recognized longtime volunteer Al Deiner with a mayoral proclamation. Councilman Sheldon had the honor of making the presentation. “One person can make a difference,” Sheldon read from the proclamation. “Thank you for your service to the city, Al,” Starsky said. Deiner spends a lot of his time volunteering at the city-run Senior Center at 48 Natoma St. “I want to thank Karen Oosterman,” Deiner said. Oosterman is the lady who makes things run at the center, or rather, did. She was let go as part of the city’s budget cuts just three days after the City Council meeting. Good luck, Karen. I’m holding out good thoughts for you. ... The music programs at Folsom High, Sutter Middle and Folsom Middle schools were also recognized by the City Council. A mayoral proclamation touting the achievements of the music program and their numerous national and international competitive wins was presented to band members and the music instructors. Congratulations, gang! HOLLYWOOD IN FOLSOM In 1977, there was a little movie called “Star Wars” that sparked a major revolution in studio science fiction films, marketing and toy tie-ins. The film franchise also made Modesto-boy George Lucas very rich. Later that same year, the first “reel” spoof of the sci-fi blockbuster hit screens. From 4:30 to 8 p.m. on Friday, June 5, director Ernie Fosselius will be at Stage Nine, 705 Sutter St., to sign copies of the 30th anniversary edition DVD of “Hardware Wars.” The film will be shown the night before at 5:30 and 8 p.m. at the Crest Theatre, 1013 K St. in Sacramento. “On Thursday, they are doing two shows at the Crest Theater and then they’re coming up here to meet, greet and autograph copies of the DVD,” said Mike Jimena, Stage Nine owner. “We’ll have a reception here (at the Folsom store).” For more information, visit STUDENT NEWS Ah, summer has arrived, at least for most school-age kids in Folsom. Caps, gowns and rolled-up pieces of paper were handed out over the last few weeks at local schools. Troy “T.J.” Byers, Jr., 10, was honored at Carl Sundahl Elementary for his six-year perfect attendance record. He also served on the student council this year. Mom Tina Byers is simply beaming with pride over her son’s accomplishments. “My son has received perfect attendance awards since starting kindergarten and has not missed a day since,” she said. Troy’s proud pop is Troy, Sr., and he has a sister, Taylor, going into the fourth grade at the same school. His next step will be attending Sutter Middle School this fall. Congratulations, T.J. Don Chaddock can be reached at