Slow news day? Won’t find one in the Bible

A Word to the Wise
By: Tom Rupp
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How do I decide what to write about each week? Well, I sometimes have a list of topics and let them brew in my mind for a few weeks. Sometimes I sit down at the computer and write what has been on my mind that week. So I was sitting at the computer and, just for fun, decided to send out a note on Facebook about the upcoming column. I put out the feelers for a column topic and got some interesting ideas. It is interesting to see what is on people’s minds. One former classmate suggested words for Christians about the new health care plan. The trouble is that I have little knowledge about the plan. Another friend from North Carolina suggested “the anthropomorphic nature of God and support for or against the appearance of a pre-incarnate Christ in the Old Testament.” But then he added, “Or you could write something that people actually care about.” So I put my theology books back on the shelf. One person I attend church with said to let them know what I decide to pick, since they don’t live in Folsom or El Dorado Hills. Hey, you can look it up online no matter where you live. A former worker suggested “the importance of a father figure in a child’s life.” He also mentioned, among other things, “Old fashioned decency.” Finally, one person added, tongue in cheek, that I should write about “why you shouldn’t ask for help on Facebook.” Maybe so, but still it was fun to see what subjects were floating around out there. In the media business, when there isn’t much going on, the lingo is it’s “a slow news day.” Sometimes the stories come to you, and sometimes you have to go looking for them. For some it is the same way concerning the Bible. They think that it is a dead, dry book that doesn’t speak to our day and its issues. Psalm 119:18 reads, “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” I liken it to driving in the car, fooling with the radio dial. Just because I am not tuned into a certain station, does not mean they ceased broadcasting. The problem is not with them, but with me. It is never a “slow news day” when you open the Bible. It speaks to the hearts of men and women everywhere. So perhaps you should get your face into the Book. Tom Rupp is a Bible Teacher at Capital Bible College. He can be reached at or through his blog at