Skin gets pampered with clay treatment at Tiger's Eye Skincare

By: Margaret Snider, Telegraph Correspondent
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The Tiger’s Eye Skincare
Where: 8016 Folsom-Auburn Road, Folsom
Phone: (916) 988-4973

Myriam Liberman is a licensed esthetician with a traditional beauty school education. In 1992, she found out from a Native American woman about a sulfur-free clay that is found on an Indian reservation in Idaho. Liberman learned the technique of natural exfoliation using this clay and began giving treatments.
The results have been gratifying, and in some cases amazing, as is demonstrated by photos and case histories. Now at her present location at 8016 Folsom-Auburn Road, Liberman employs trained and licensed estheticians to help her administer these skin treatments.
Liberman recently hosted a table with Dignity/Mercy Healthcare at the health and lifestyle event for women, “Care begins with me,” held at the Sheraton in Sacramento. There she showed how patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for cancer can be helped by the clay treatments.
Sarah Perales of Folsom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. As she approached her radiation therapy, Perales consulted with Liberman, who explained the system and benefits. Perales started the clay program along with her radiation.
“Right after radiation I would come here, and they would apply the clay to my breast,” Perales said. “I would have it on the rest of the day.”
Perales told Liberman not to put it on one area because she had to be out and around and didn’t want to get it on her blouse.
A few weeks later, Perales noticed a profound difference: where the skin was treated, it appeared normal, while the skin not treated appeared purple and damaged.
“I don’t care if your blouse gets dirty,” Liberman told her. “We’re going to apply the clay here.”
Eventually, with the clay, the skin that had been purple with radiation burns faded back to nearly normal. The optimal way, of course, was to do it right away in the first place.
“You have to come from radiation straight here,” Liberman said. “You wait one day, you’re burnt. That’s the difference.”
Besides the skin treatments for cancer patients, Liberman treats many skin conditions including acne, shingles, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and others.
Gloria Zubia, 54, of Lincoln had severe shingles, which caused sores and swelling of her lips and face. She had a lot of stresses besides, and developed rosacea.
“I was 80 something pounds,” Zubia said. “I couldn’t smile, couldn’t eat, so what are you going to do? I was depressed all the time. Finally, (my daughter) dragged me in here, and I’m so glad she did.”
At her first treatment, Liberman gave her all the time she needed.
“They fixed me up, they clayed me, and I could open my mouth,” Zubia said. “When I left, we went to dinner and I could eat. I hadn’t been able to eat because I couldn’t stretch.”
Because Zubia’s skin is very sensitive and she occasionally still may get swelling, she continued receiving regular treatments. She noticed a side effect of reduction of wrinkles. Esthetician Margie Sirovy, who manages the business, performs Zubia’s exfoliations.
Now, Zubia said, she feels so much better, mobility of her face and lips is not a problem, she can eat and smile, and her skin is clear.
The program has been so effective that Liberman now teaches and certifies licensed estheticians across the United States.
“The clay has too many benefits,” Liberman said. “It helps so many people, that you cannot be selfish.”
The chronic skin condition called rosacea is characterized by facial redness, often very pronounced, for which no cure has been found. Liberman said while she does not claim to cure the disorder, she finds it does go away with regular treatment.
“I always tell the patient this is not a miracle peel, this is not something I’m going to cure you in a matter of one time, two times, three times,” Liberman said. “Everybody’s different. It takes a long time because we use very little clay on the skin, and little by little we pull out the toxins and impurities.”
The soothing effect of the clay is one of its dominant characteristics, Liberman said. While other skin treatments can be irritating and often cannot be used on badly damaged skin, exfoliation with the clay acts as a balm, healing the skin, causing no pain, doing no harm, and requiring no down time.