Search for mountain lion that attacked camper called off

Victim was uninjured after incident north of Nevada City
By: Staff Report
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The search for a mountain lion that attacked a man camping near the Yuba River has been called off by the state Department of Fish and Game, according to a press release.

The 63-year-old man was camping by the Yuba River north of Nevada City when he said a mountain lion attacked him through his sleeping bag early July 1.

After the attack, the Marin County man drove himself to a local hospital where his wounds were examined by staff and by wardens with the Department of Fish and Game. The scratches and puncture wounds on the man's back, arms and head were determined to be conducive to a mountain lion attack.

The man was treated and released from the hospital the same day and requested to remain anonymous.

A DNA sample taken from saliva found on the man's shirt was tested by the Department of Fish and Game. The sample determined that the attacking animal was a female mountain lion.

Since then, mountain lion tracks were found at the man's campsite and the body of a dead domestic cat was found nearby with wounds indicating a mountain lion attack. Dogs were used to try to find the animal and trail cameras never picked up on the mountain lion's whereabouts.

The dogs went several days without picking up a fresh scent or finding more tracks in the area surrounding the campsite.

The search did turn up a male mountain lion, which was treed by Fish and Game officials, according to the press release. The male mountain lion was let go once searchers realized a smaller, female mountain lion attacked the camper.

The search for the mountain lion involved with the attack officially ended Tuesday morning.