Science is behind discharge permit

Reader input
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Re: “Unelected board could hike our sewer rates,” Folsom Telegraph, Feb. 2. In her recent op-ed, Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan did a great disservice to her constituents and Telegraph readers by choosing to ignore the facts behind the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s approval of the Sacramento Wastewater Treatment Plant’s new operating permit. She claims the permit is based on an unproven hypothesis about the harmful effects of the plant’s discharges on the Delta, but experts from every major entity overseeing the Delta, including the Delta Stewardship Council, Department of Public Health, Department of Fish and Game, US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Environmental Protection Agency testified in support of the science and the permit. The Sacramento Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for 99 percent of ammonia discharged to the Delta. All regulatory entities, outside of the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District and their paid consultants, agree that these discharges are extremely harmful to the Delta food-web. All other major sewage dischargers in the Delta are already tasked with meeting similar treatment standards. Sacramento’s sewage treatment upgrades are long overdue and necessary. It’s hard to believe that MacGlashan could sit through 14 hours of testimony and still not understand the facts, but, then again, she is an elected official. Michael Boccadoro, Coalition for a Sustainable Delta, Sacramento